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IPL Trainer Card: Adrian by Daft--Art IPL Trainer Card: Adrian by Daft--Art
Trainer Info:

Name: Adrian
Subtitle: The Ice Cold Fashion Designer
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Age: 25
Personality: Basically your sassy gay friend who is great at fashion design.
Adrian isn't much into contests despite his love of clothing and design. Instead he prefers battling and testing his Pokemon's strength against the elements.
History: Adrian's parents had a house built on route 216 in Sinnoh for the research they did on Mt.Coronet, Spearpoint and Lake Acuity. This is where he grew up. His family moved there from Jubilife City, with his grandparents, after his first birthday. His parent's jobs were time consuming and despite living so close to home, they were rarely with their son. All of the parenting was left to his grandparents who were Pokemon trainers when they were young. For his fifth birthday he was gifted an Eevee, the first pokemon he ever had. For many years he trained with his Eevee, until he was old enough to go by himself to route 217. There his beloved Eevee evolved into a Glaceon. Not long after that his grandfather died, with grandma soon following. They left him his second Pokemon, their Beartic.

Even after his tenth birthday, his parents didn't make an effort to see their son. This is when he left home to travel Sinnoh. After beating all the gym leaders, he left for Unova.
Meeting many pokemon trainers and pokemon on his fifteen year journey, he finally felt ready to take on the great trainers at the IPL.

That is long and horrible.
I don't blame anyone if they don't want to read that...
Pokemon Info:

Name: Grace
Species: Glaceon
Sex: Female
Ability: Ice Body
Held Item: Nevermeltice
Preferred Move Set:
Blizzard|Hail|Double Team|Quick Attack
Bio: Faithful, calm, a leader. Adrian prefers to use her more than any other on his team, except for Major.

Name: Iceberg
Species: Beartic
Sex: Male
Ability: Snow Cloak
Held Item: Expert Belt
Preferred Move Set:
Icicle Crash|Ice Punch|Bulk Up|Fury Swipes
Bio:Brash, doesn't like taking orders, moody.

Name: Icicle
Species: Snorunt
Sex: Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Held Item:Icicle Plate
Preferred Move Set:
Powder Snow|Crunch|Headbutt|Fake Tears
Bio:Drama queen. Adrian captured Icicle on his way to the first gym he challenged, Snowpoint.

Name: Major
Species: Cofagrigus
Sex: Male
Ability: Mummy
Held Item:Spell Tag
Preferred Move Set:
Shadow Ball|Will-o-wisp|Dark Pulse| Haze
Bio:During his travels in Unova, he caught a Yamask, which he speculates was a military leader before it became a Yamask.

Name: Lilly
Species: Liligant
Sex: Female
Ability: Own Tempo
Preferred Move Set:
Mega Drain|Energy Ball|Sunny Day|Solarbeam
Bio: Shy, reluctant to battle.

Name: Kara-Cat
Species: Skitty
Sex: Female
Ability: Cute Charm
Preferred Move Set:
Sing|Wake-up Slap|Copycat
Bio: Adrian has raised this Pokemon from an egg he got from a Day-Care couple in Unova because the original owners just left it.
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November 22, 2012
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